Form Check - Work Smart, Not Hard

Are you lifting with good form?

You may be asking yourself, “What is good form? And what does it look like?”

Good form can look different depending on the individual and the situation–it’s dependent upon the individual’s needs and limitations. Are you training for power and strength? Or are yo specific joint or muscle?

There are two essential characteristics of good form that run through all types of movement:

    1. It must minimize the chances of injury for the individual practicing the activity.

    2. It must employ efficient body mechanics to maximize the available strength and energy of the movement.

When performing powerful movements, you want to complete said movement in as little time as possible while minimizing energy expenditure. Conversely, when your goal is to build mu tension. i.e., keeping the muscle under tension for longer durations while applying maximum concentric and eccentric contractions on each repetition.

You must understand your Goals before starting new exercises to ensure you get the most from your training. Otherwise, you may be massively undercutting your progress.

Train Smart not Hard!

To your success!